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This notification event is used to send notifications about unpaid invoices related to due date.

Event is fired for all the invoices, which meet the following criteria:

  • invoice does not have one of statuses: Cancelled / Refunded
  • invoice is not fully paid (does not have status Paid)

Following attributes are supported for the event:

  • Days Interval: Required. Will filter invoices, whose due date is X days in the future.  Negative value can be used to filter invoices with due date in the past (e.g. -5 for 5 days in the past).
  • Days Type: All / Business Days. Whether all days or only business days (week days) should be calculated for Days Interval.
  • Unpaid invoices count: Optional. If entered, number of unpaid invoices is checked for the customer.
  • Only last invoices in a row: Yes / No.  If Yes, number of unpaid invoices (previous filter) is checked only for the last invoices in a row.
  • Exact number of unpaid invoices: Yes / No. If Yes, number of unpaid invoices must be the same as the entered value. Otherwise, there may be more unpaid invoices (entered value is the minimum).
  • Exclude Customers Tagged as: Optional. If selected, only customers without the selected tags are filtered.
  • Exclude Invoices Tagged as: Optional. If selected, only invoices without the selected tags are filtered.
  • Payment Method: None / Credit Card / Direct Debit. If selected, only invoices linked with billing profiles with selected payment method are filtered.
  • Exclude if Successful Payment in: Optional. If entered, notification is not sent if there was a successful payment in the last X (entered) days.

Supported actions:

  1. Process: Selected process will be executed with parameters:
    • Invoice ID
    • Customer ID


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