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This notification event is used to send notifications about unpaid invoices related to due date. Invoices are merged together into one single notification per customer.

Event is fired for all the customers, who have at least one invoice, which meets the following criteria:

  • invoice does not have one of statuses: Cancelled / Refunded
  • invoice is not fully paid (does not have status Paid)

Following attributes are supported for the event:

  • Days Interval: Required. Will filter invoices, whose due date is X days in the future.  Negative value can be used to filter invoices with due date in the past (e.g. -5 for 5 days in the past).
  • Days Type: All / Business Days. Whether all days or only business days (week days) should be calculated for Days Interval.
  • Unpaid invoices count: Optional. If entered, number of unpaid invoices is checked for the customer.
  • Only last invoices in a row: Yes / No.  If Yes, number of unpaid invoices (previous filter) is checked only for the last invoices in a row.
  • Exact number of unpaid invoices: Yes / No. If Yes, number of unpaid invoices must be the same as the entered value. Otherwise, there may be more unpaid invoices (entered value is the minimum).
  • Exclude Customers Tagged as: Optional. If selected, only customers without the selected tags are filtered.
  • Exclude Invoices Tagged as: Optional. If selected, only invoices without the selected tags are filtered.
  • Payment Method: None / Credit Card / Direct Debit. If selected, only invoices linked with billing profiles with selected payment method are filtered.
  • Exclude if Successful Payment in: Optional. If entered, notification is not sent if there was a successful payment in the last X (entered) days.

Supported actions:

  1. Process: Selected process will be executed with parameters:
    • Invoices ID - all the invoices which meet the criteria
    • Customer ID


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