How to Set-up System E-mails

An email template is a preformatted and/or pre-written email which will allow you to quickly and easily create, write, and send emails without having to start from scratch or starting at a blank screen. By using an email template you can ensure that the all the emails from your business will have the same look and feel to it each time, building your brand.

The quick address bar link is: /?email_messages eg.

Click COMMUNICATION then System E-mails. This opens up the E-mail Messages page.

On the right-hand side of the E-MAIL Messages Heading bar Click Add New.

The E-mail Messages page with the ADD NEW form opens.


On th Righ-hand side is a list of MESSAGE TAGS that can be used as variables that can be automatically populated by the system for increased productivity.

In the Sender field choose the default user that should be used to send these types of messages. Accounting related messages should come from the CFO, Sales inquiry types of messages should come from someone in the sales department.

Type a Subject for these emails as well as the Body of the email. Just click the + on the right-hand side to add the variable tag to your email body.

Try and limit repeatable inserts -like Logo's in the System E-mails. If your business decides to change their branding it would save lot's of time to simply update to the new look in the Email Templates.

Choose an Email type for this System Email. This gives structure and the ability to easily find the appropriate e-mail.

Select the Email template to use by clicking on the drop down arrow.

The Email template can also be accessed quickly by clicking on the pencil.

Select if these types of emails can be Send From the Logged in User or not.

If a file, like an Invoice, should automatically be send with these emails, Click SELECT FILES.

Type Identification name, and Description so it's easy to understand what this Email is for.

Choose the Access Type. Click SAVE.


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