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This notification event is used to send notifications about upcoming membership subscription expiration (or subscriptions which expired in last 14 days).

Event is fired for all the subscriptions, which meet the following criteria:

  • subscription is of type "course"
  • subscription's expiry date was 14 days in the past or later

Following attributes are supported for the event:

  • Days Interval: Required. Will filter subscriptions, which expire in X days. Negative value can be used to filter subscriptions which expired in the past (e.g. -5 for 5 days in the past).
  • Membership Types: Optional. If selected, only selected membership types will be filtered.
  • Memberships: Optional. If selected, only selected memberships will be filtered.

Supported actions:

  1. Process: Selected process will be executed with parameters:
    • Subscription ID
    • Customer ID
  2. Email: Selected email will be sent to customer of the subscription


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