Event - invoice.statement.send

This notification event is used to send invoice statements to customers / contact persons. Statements are sent to customer contacts with Accounts = Yes setting, or to default contact person if no such contact exists.

Event is fired for all the customers, who meet the following criteria:

  • have at least one invoice in status Unpaid / Partially Paid
  • unpaid invoices are in statuses: Approved / Approved & Sent / Failed Payment

Following attributes are supported for the event:

  • Day of Month: Required. Day of month, when the notification should be sent.
  • Since: Due Date / Date Created. Which date field is used to filter invoices into date categories (defined in Owing filter).
  • Owing: All / 0 - 30 / 31 - 60 / 61 - 90 / 91 - *. Filter invoices which have due date / date created (as defined in Since filter) X days in the past.
  • Attach Invoices: Yes / No. Whether to attached invoice PDFs in the email as well as the statement PDF. Otherwise, only statement PDF is attached.
  • Exclude Invoices Tagged as: Optional. If selected, only invoices without the selected tags are filtered.

Supported actions:

  1. Email: Selected email will be sent to customer with the attached statement. These parameters are used in the email and so related tags can be used in the message:
    • Customer ID
    • Customer Contact ID
  2. Process: Selected process will be executed with parameters:
    • Customer ID


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