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How to log a support call and record your screen using Loom

Every time a support call comes into Fortix Help Desk, that call is logged and tracked. Loom is one way that enables Fortix to Resolve Support Tickets With 

Speed and Clarity. By replacing screenshots and instructions with intuitive quick videos our customers can expect quick answers that are well formulated and to the point to their issues. This article explains how to use Loom to record your actions in Fortix and then post the video into Fortix support desk.

Download the Loom software onto your pc, by doing to Click on Get Loom for Free.

A new window opens with different options to sign-up.

Fill in your details and click Continue.

Click the Download for PC tab.

Finish the registration and click Finish installing.

Find the executable file that was downloaded and double click to install on your desktop.

Find the Loom Icon on your desktop and double click to activate.

Some option for your recording includes :

1. Screen and Camera or Screen only

2. Microphone to record yourself speaking while performing the actions on your screen

  Click the Start Recording button.

If multiple screens are active, choose the screen that needs to be recorded.

Loom will count down from 3 before it will start recording everything on your screen. Note the control options on the left side of your screen to pause, stop or delete your recording.

Click the Red Square to stop recording your screen when you are satisfied that you have recorded all your actions on the screen.

Loom will open your web browser in a new window, where all your videos are store. Click the Copy Link button to get the link to your recording.

There are functions in Loom to edit your recording if you want.

Return to your Fortix system and Click the Question Mark Icon on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

Click on Contact Fortix Support option.

Enter information with regards to your issue and paste the link of your Loom video recording in the Description field. You can also attach additional files if you believe it will enable us to better understand your issue. Click Send Button to let the Fortix support desk know about your issue.


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