How to setup Dashboards in Fortix

In Fortix the dashboard provides at-a-glance views of different areas in Fortix relevant to a particular objective or business process for the user.

The "dashboard" is usually displayed on the home page which is linked to a database that allows the components to be constantly updated. For example, a manufacturing dashboard may show numbers related to productivity such as the number of parts manufactured, or a sales dashboard may show numbers related to leads and sales conversions, or average days to deliver a project.

To set-up the different components to display on the Dashboard or rearrange the order they appear, click the Dashboard Setup.

The address bar link is /?dashboard_setup

The two columns represent the components on your dashboard. You can move them around freely by dragging and dropping them with your left mouse button. The Name inside of the coloured rectangle represents the name of the component. You can freely switch the order of the components in each column and also switch their position by dragging them to another column. To remove a component from your dashboard, click on the "X" next to the name of the component and then click "Save"  

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Search for and Click the slide button to show "ON" for a new component to be available in the dashboard. Click DONE and SAVE to make the changes effective in the Dashboard.


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