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How to Setup the Reminder Function in Fortix

Your business relies on client appointments and scheduling tasks to prosper. Much effort goes into planning and managing the calendars. This article explains how to set-up certain functionality for the reminder function in Fortix like to select a start time and a duration of the reminder/appointment when creating a reminder from the opportunity edit screen.

The increments of the duration are set as well as Appointment days and hours. Default text can be set for the reminder as well as start times.

Click System Set-up icon to open the Set-up page. Search for "Reminder". Click on the Reminder Tab.

The Setup page opens with the REMINDERS SETUP form with current settings is enabled.

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  1. To enable the field "Status" to be active on the CREATE REMINDER page set the Enable reminder statuses to "Yes".
  2. The status of the reminder can be added to the subject, for better visibility, by choosing "Yes" in Append status to subject option. Every time the status of the Reminder is changed it will be added to the subject of the Reminder.
  3. If the reminders need to be able to be repeated on a set date and time, then set the Enable repeater in forms option to "Yes".
  4. Send emails when reminder status was changed   - set to "Yes" if the Fortix system should send a reminder email to the designated persons.
  5. Number of Days a New Reminder Starts In should be a numeric value of the number of days before the reminder starts that the email will be sent.
  6. Email sent as reminder notification, is the pre-written system email message that will be used to send the notification email. This message can be edited by clicking the note pad next to the field.
  7. Status when sourced from Google, is the status that will be used when the reminder originates from a Google reminder.
  8. Include Note to the Reminder should be set to "Yes" if this reminder is created from a Note and the Note description needs to be in the Reminder.
  9. Default Reminder Text is where default text can be entered for reminders to always populate the field. Works when adding a  Reminder to a Note.
  10. Earliest Reminder Start Time. Set the earliest time for this reminder to be activated.
  11. Latest Reminder Start Time. Set the latest time for this reminder to be activated.
  12. Use Duration Selector. Use this option as Yes if it is a requirement to have set durations for time for appointments/ reminders. This will automate the "To" time to be Start time plus the interval duration.
  13. Duration Selector Interval. If durations is required, then set it here.


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14.   Preselect opportunity owner as organiser. When a reminder is set during a Note addition to an Opportunity, the owner of the Opportunity will be used as the organiser and not the logged-in user, when set to "Yes".

15.   Display Reminder Detail in Updates, if set to Yes will display the reminder in Opportunity updates page

16.   Note Types to Include In Reminder Name. Select the Note types to include in the Reminder subject name.

17.   Standard Duration (h). This is the default duration for appointments.

18.  Regular Appointment Days. Specify the days of the week that can be used for setting appointments.

19.  Regular Appointment Hours. Specify the hours of a day that can be set as appointment hours.


Click SAVE to commit these changes to the system.


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