How to Copy a Dashboard to Users

Whether you are creating a new user or want to change the look of multiple users Dashboard, the Reset selected users function in Fortix makes it easy to have multiple users Dashboards look the same. This article explains how to copy a Dashboard from one user to another.

Address bar Link: /?users

Open the Users Page. Find the user or multiple users that requires the new Dashboard. Tick the tick box to select. Click the More Menu Icon.

Maximum of 1,000 records can be changed at once.


  1. Choose the User that will be used a pattern.
  2. Then tick "Reset Dashboards and Components". Optional to change the Colour Themes and Quick Menu.

Click RESET SELECTED USERS to commit changes to the system.

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

To confirm the desired results log in as the user by selecting Login as User from the Action drop down menu.

Provide your own password for Login.

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

And the Dashboard has been changed to our example.


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