How to Approve and Invoice an Estimate

This article explains how to approve an estimate and create an invoice from an estimate.

The quick address link for Estimates are: /?estimates

The Estimates & Approvals page will open with a list of Estimate & Approvals after clicking Estimates & Approvals in the sub-heading bar. Click the down arrow menu option and select Send estimate if the status is Not Sent

This is an example of the email that the client would receive. Estimates can be approved by the client or manually approved within the system. The client will click "approve" to approve the estimate.

Not For Profit Sales - - Gmail - Google Chrome

The Estimate has been approved form opens with the option to add an additional note. The client has then click SAVE & CLOSE.

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

An email confirmation is send back to the system confirming the Approval.

Inbox - - Fortix Mail - Google Chrome

In side the system, to manually approve the estimate click the down arrow and select Approve Estimate

The APPROVE ESTIMATE form opens. Enter any Approval Notes and click APPROVE to commit to the system.

The STATUS has now been changed to Approved.

To create an invoice from an estimate, click the down arrow next to the Action tab and select Create Invoice.

The CREATE INVOICE / CREDIT NOTE form opens. Complete the information. When the Billing Profile is entered the invoice use the billing profile information to populate the rest of the invoice.

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system

Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

The EDIT INVOICE form opens. Any additional changes can now be made to the invoice. Click SAVE when done.


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