How to Apply for Leave

In Fortix Leave Requests enables you to control the processing of leave requests and other absences.  The process starts with the creation of a leave request and the processing of it.

The address bar link is : /?leaves

Navigate to the WORK REQUESTS menu and click Leave Requests.

The list of past leave requests is displayed. Click Add New to enter a new Leave Request.

Complete the SEND LEAVE REQUEST form with detail of the requested time off. Click in the First Day of Leave field and select a date.

Should the request be for only a few hours of leave, ensure that the Whole Day is unticked. Complete the Description.

For hours of time off, ensure that the Last Day of Leave is the same as the First Day of Leave. Complete the Length of Leave time.

The hours are automatically calculated.

Click the drop down arrow and select the Leave Type. Leave type is in the Leave type Picklist.

Leave Allowance can be edited by clicking on the edit icon net to the field. This caters for the time being booked off in the next period of leave allowance. Click SAVE to Sent the leave request.

The New Leave request is in the queue for approval.


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