How to Setup Private System or Template E-mails

System Emails is pre-written standard emails which will allow you to quickly and easily create, write, and send emails without having to start wording and email message from scratch.

These pre-written messages can be setup so only selected roles / users can view, edit or use the messages. This article explains how to set the Message access type in Fortix.

The quick address bar link is: /?email_messages

Click COMMUNICATION then System E-mails. This opens up the E-mail Messages page. Find the message to change or add a new message.

The E-mail Messages page opens. Scroll down and find the Message Access Types section. Click the down arrow and choose Attached To The Role - View or Attached To The Role - Edit. The roles attached to view will not be able to edit the message only use and view. Only Attached To The Role - Edit can change the message when used.

In the User Role field, click the down arrow and select the Role.

Click SAVE when done.

The message access type has been changed to Attached To The Role - Edit. 

To ensure that the correct users have been assigned to the roles, navigate to the Roles list view. Find the Role and click.

The quick address bar link is: /?roles

The EDIT ROLE INFO form opens. New users can be added by selecting the options in the Assigned Users section.


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