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How to create an Billing Profile from Project

When you set up a business, one of your first tasks is deciding how to collect money from your customers. The Billing Profile system in Fortix enables you to set up the way you charge each customer for your products and services and records their preferred way of settling their accounts.

This article explains how to create a Billing Profile from a Project in Fortix.

Navigate to the Project List View and find the Project where the Billing Profile needs to be created. Click the Down Arrow in the Action tab and select Edit Project.

The EDIT PROJECT form opens. Click the more menu option on the right-hand corner. Select Create Billing Profile.

Projects - Edit Project #4 - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

The ADD NEW BILLING PROFILE form opens. Click Yes to enable automatic billing.

Complete the form with the billing information. You are able to set-up Reoccuring Billing like a membership or subscription. Click the Add New Item plus sign.

Complete the Schedule of the Reoccurring Billing information. Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

Navigate to the Billing Profiles list view. Click on the ID to edit the billing information.

The BILLING PROFILES edit form opens. You are able to add additional information to the Billing Profile. Click SAVE when done.

Billing Profiles - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome


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