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How to Add a Recurring Service to Billing Profile

In Fortix, you can bill yearly, monthly or for any period — even days. Charge your customers based on usage or per user or any other way. Choose to renew billing cycles based on the date customers signed up on, or bill all customers on a specific date. You can even have customized billing dates for each customer.

This article explains how to add a recurring service in Fortix.

The quick address is: /?billing_profiles

Navigate to the Billing Profiles page where the BILLING PROFILES Data-set will open. Click Add New.

The CREATE NEW BILLING PROFILE form opens. Select the correct Billing Entity in the drop-down list to gain access to the Reoccurring Billing services connected to this Billing Entity.

Find the Service by adding two letters in the Search Service field. Click on the Service that needs to be added. All the details of this service are added and can be changed at this time. Click on the icons on the right-hand side to display more details.

Complete the rest of the form. Ensure that the Yes radio button is selected under Billing Setup so that the billing will occur automatically.

Billing Profiles - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Complete the rest of the form. Note that the Estimated $ Value field is not used for processing but only shows an estimated value.

Click SAVE to commit to the system

The Recurring service has been added to the billing profile of this customer.


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