How to Edit Note Types

Notes in Fortix is used an informal way to remember conversations, to do something or take a note of any thought which cannot be actioned right now. To add structure to Notes, there is a  Note Type in order to sort similar notes together.

This article explains how to edit or abbreviate Note Types in Fortix appearing at the top of the Note form.

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Click on the Pick List Icon under the Matrix Menu options. Click on Note types under the CONTACTS Section.

The Picklists - Note types page opens with a list of available Note types.

The option to Delete is found by clicking the down arrow in the Action tab.

To Add New, Click the + AddNew.

To edit click Edit or on the underlined name of the picklist that needs to be changed.

The Picklists - Note Types page opens with the EDIT NOTE TYPE form. Make the changes and click SAVE.

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The changes made to the Note Type Picklist is available when adding a new Note.

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