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How to use Knowledge Base articles in Work Request

It is possible to have knowledge base articles displayed and used from the Work Request page in Fortix.

This article explains how to create, activate collaboration and link a Knowledge base article to a Project/ Work Request in Fortix.

This is an example where the Knowledge Base article is displayed within a work request.

Navigate to the Knowledge Base page in your system.

The Knowledge Base page opens with a list of current articles displayed on the right hand side. On the left side is a Tree view of where articles are linked to.

To add a Knowledge Base article to a project, find the existing project in the KNOWLEDGE BASE Tree list view and click the Add New plus sign.

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Complete the DOCUMENTATION PAGE details. Make sure the Document Name is a unique name.

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Tick the Visible To Customer if the customer should be able to see this document.

Tick the Dashboard Component, to display document as a dashboard component.

Click SAVE when done.

To add additional team members to Collaborate on this document, Click Add New in the COLLABORATE TEAM component.

Tick all the boxes next to the users who needs to be on the COLLABORATE TEAM. Click SAVE when done.

Other related articles can be added in the RELATED ARTICLES component.

To add a Work Request directly out of the Knowledge Base, Click the More Menu and select Create Request.

Complete the Work Request form. Note that the Knowledge Base article is already linked in the WR.

Click SAVE when done.

The Knowledge Base article has been added to the tree list view.

To ensure that the Knowledge Base article can be viewed in the Work Request form, open the Work Request page.

To change, Add or Delete components on the Work Request page, click the matrix menu icon and click Screen Layout.

The SETUP form open where the different components of the page can be Added or changed. Ensure that the Knowledge Base Component is available.

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