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How to change Query Register Status

Fortix Query Register function helps to manage the communication with customers while working on a Job or Project. When you send a request to the customer for more information, Fortix has a process built in to remind the person that you are waiting for the information automatically. The Project Manager is also reminded via email that there is outstanding information on the Job.

This article explains how to make bulk changes to multiple records in the Query Register.

Address bar Link: /?query_register

Navigate to the Query Register page. Filter the list view record to show the entries where the status needs to change.

Click the Tick boxes of all the records that will be changed.

Maximum of 1,000 records can be changed at once.

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Then Click the More Menu option - three lines. And select Change Status.

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The CHANGE STATUS form opens. In the Query Status field, click the down arrow and select the new status for the query records.

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Click the SAVE button to commit the changes to the system.

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All the selected records has been changed to reflect the new status.


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