How to Block Email Messages

For whatever reason you want to stop receiving email messages from a sender, this article explains how to "Block" Emails in Fortix.

Depending on your system setup, all new messages received by Fortix can be accessed directly from your Dashboard setup. In our example, it is the Business Support component in the Dashboard.

Click on the message that needs to be blocked.

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Click the "Block" icon to add this email address to the Blocked Email list.

The BUSINESS SUPPORT MESSAGES page opens. The email has been processed and has a new status " Cancelled".

To view a list of current blocked email addresses, navigate to the BLOCKED-EMAILS page.

The quick address bar link is: /?blocked_emails

The email address we have blocked has been added to the list.

To add a specific sender to the Blocked Email List, click a Add New.

The BLOCK EMAIL form opens. Add the unwanted email address in the E-mail field. Click the down arrow in the Reason field and select the appropriate reason.

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Click BLOCK to commit the changes to the system.

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The email address we have blocked has been added to the list. If any of the email addresses on the list has been added by mistake, click DELETE to remove the email address from the Blocked Email list.

The email message can also be blocked by selecting View Detail in the Action drop-down list from the Dashboard Business Support component.

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The Business Support page opens with the message. Click the More Menu drop-down on the right-hand corner and select Block Message.

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