Permission to Block Emails

The ability to block incoming email messages in Fortix is managed by roles with the permission BlockedEmailManage.

This article explains how to set up these permissions.

When a user with a role that has the permission "BlockedEmailManage" view an incoming email, the Block Icon is available in the message box. The permission for Roles is managed in AUTH MANAGER.

Access Auth Manager by clicking on the Setup gear, then the Auth Manager Icon under SECURITY.

Address bar Link: /?auth_manager

The Auth Manager page opens with ROLES hierarchy component, PERMISSIONS hierarchy component and a PERMISSIONS list component. In the PERMISSIONS list component scroll down and find and click BlockedEmailManage Permission which will open the Auth Manager page with the PERMISSION form.

Tick the appropriate boxes next to the Roles that have the BlockedEmailManage permission. Any user with all or one of these roles will be able to view tags only.

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On the Users, page find the User that must be logged in as. Click the down arrow next to Action tab in the row of the user. Scroll down the menu options to find the Login as User option.

Address bar Link: /?auth_manager

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Our user who does not have permission to Block Emails does not have any of the Block Email options available.

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