Sales Budgets Report

The largest and most significant financial responsibility of business managers is the preparation and achievement of sales budgets. Revenue is driven by sales of products and services and so budgets are a guiding tool that allows for straightforward comparison between actual performance and desired performance.

The preparation of budgets is a key responsibility of the majority of business managers.

This article explains how to view Sales Budgets Report in Fortix.

Navigate to the REPORTS Heading and find the Sales Budgets Report.

Easily navigate to this page by typing /?sales_budgets_report

When opening the Sales Budgets Report the first time, a warning is displayed to configure the Sales Budgets Report. Click on here to setup the options for this report.

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The Setup page with the SALES BUDGET SETUP form opens. This form can also be accessed through the Setup menu.

Easily navigate to this page by typing /?system_setup&op=displayForm&section=SalesBudgetSetup

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Click the down arrow next to the Team field and select the Team for who this Report is prepared. Teams is setup under the Projects heading, Project Teams.

Easily navigate to this page by typing /?teams

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Click the down arrow next to Prediction - Invoice Statuses and select the Invoice Statuses for which this report is prepared.

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Select the Prediction - Date whether Estimated Approval Date or Estimated Delivery Date is applicable for this report.

Click SAVE to continue.

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The Sales Budgets Report opens. The Report consists of GOALS, ACTUALS, PREDICTION and DIFFERENCE tables divided into months.

The GOALS is setup directly within the report. Click on the underlined number to establish a goal for the sales person for that particular month.

The form UPDATE BUDGET - JOHN SMITH, JUNE, displaying the sales person's name and month opens. Complete the budget goal and click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

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The report displays the updated goal for that month.

It is possible to change each of the tables, to show only month fields that are applicable by clicking the More Menu and selecting Setup.

Click on the eye icon to toggle between visible and invisible fields.

  • All changes in this table are immediately saved
  • Reorder the columns by dragging and dropping the columns using the  cross arrows handle
  •  Click the wrench icon to configure column

Click Close when done.


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