How to create a New Supplier Contact in Fortix

 The end goal is to create a ‘single contact view’ by having one record for each client containing all their relevant data. Having data that is up to date, accurate and relevant will ensure a productive and efficient workforce. If you already have a database of customers or suppliers or contacts, you can use the Importing Data into Fortix function.

This article explains how to add a new contact, prospect, customer, supplier or any type in Fortix.

To add a new Customer in Fortix Base, Click CONTACTS then a list of current CONTACTS will automatically display.

The address bar link is: /?customers

Click on the Add New menu option in the CUSTOMERS heading bar.

The ADD NEW form is where you enter the details of your new customer.

First Name, Last NameType, and at least one contact number with an email is required to add a new contact.

Add the Job Title by clicking the down arrow for a current Picklist of Job Titles that have been preloaded in Fortix. Select the Job Title of your customer that you are adding.

Contacts - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Having hundreds of Job Titles to scan through is time-consuming, you might want to reduce the selection of Job Titles available so it is more appropriate for your business industry. The Job Title Picklist can be managed (Add, Edit or Delete) by clicking on the pencil.

Add, edit or delete the list of Job Titles in the JOB TITLES Picklist. To add, Click the highlighted +. After you have made the desired changes, click SAVE.

Identify Contacts in the contacts database by the Type of contact being "Customer". The Type is automatically set to "Customer", but the option is available to alter the Type to any available Type in the Picklist. Click the down arrow in the field to find alternatives to add. Type is a required field in Fortix.

To identify this new Contact as a supplier, click the down-arrow in the Contact Type field and select Supplier.

Contacts - Profile Fortix - Google Chrome

Add the Salesperson who is taking ownership of this customer by either :

  1. Selecting All, to display all the Salespeople in your organisation
  2. Selecting Favourites you have filtered
  3. Selecting Manage to add users to your Favourites group
  4. Selecting Setup will Manage the display of the Sales People
  5. Entering the first two letters of the Names of the Salesperson you want to assign.

1. Selecting All displays a list of Salespeople to assign to your New Customer. To assign Click on the responsible Sales Person.

2.  Selecting Favourites displays a list of Salespeople you have sorted in a special favourites list to assign to your New Customer. To assign Click on the responsible Sales Person.

3. To Managed your list of special favourite Sales people, Click Manage.

5. In Fortix you are able to narrow down your display of Sales people with specific filters that can be set in Setup.

Click SAVE when the contact details are completed.

The new Contact Company has been created. Too Add contacts to the company, Click on the Contact Company.

The EDIT DETAILS form opens. On the right side is the CONTACT PERSONS display where additional contact for this specific company can be added.

Click SAVE when the contact details are completed.


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