User Search Empty (Work Request)

Having the correct permissions in Fortix is part of the security measures in Fortix.

This article explains how to solve an issue, where a user is part of the Project Team but does not appear in the User Search field when creating a Work Request for that project.

Navigate to Projects under the PROJECTS section. Find the project where the Work Request needs to be added. Click the down arrow in the Action tab and select Edit Project.

The address bar link is : /?projects

The EDIT PROJECT page opens. Ensure that the user is part of the Project team. In the WORK REQUEST component, click the plus sign to add a new Work Request.

When searching for the user, the search does not display the user.

Neither does the selection of FAVOURITE USERS display the user.

To investigate the issue, navigate to the Users page and find the user in the list view. Click the down arrow and select Edit User Details.

The address bar link is : /?users

The EDIT USER page opens.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Scroll down and find the Authentication Roles area. Take note of the role that is ticked.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

This role has to have the permission "WorkRequestUse" for this user to be assigned to the Work Request. Navigate to Auth Manager under Setup.

The Auth Manager page opens. Find the Role in the ROLES component.

Clicking on the role opens the ROLES page. Find the permission "WorkRequestUse". Tick the box and click SAVE.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome
Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Returning to the CREATE WORK REQUEST form, the user is now found in the search field.


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