How to Activate / De-Activate Supplier Contact

Contacts in Fortix which has the type "Supplier" can be "Active" or "In-Active" suppliers. When a supplier is "active" the contact can be assigned to a resource.

This article explains how to Activate or De-activate suppliers in Fortix.

Navigate to Suppliers under the heading CONTACTS. A list of current CONTACTS with the type "Supplier" will automatically display.

The address bar link is: /?customers&flt=11

Find the column "Active". This will display if the supplier is Active or not.

The list view can be filtered to display only in-active suppliers, by typing "No" in the column filter field.

To activate a supplier, click the down-arrow in the Action tab and select Edit.

The EDIT DETAILS form opens. Find the Active Supplier field and click the Yes radio button to activate.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.


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