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PM Checking/Adjusting of Activities for WR

The Project Manager is able to check and adjust of activities of users who updates their Work Request.

This function is available from the activities list view in PROJECTS if the Project Manager has permission ActivitySuperadmin or is enabled to Approve Time Sheet in individual projects.

This article explains the Project Manager Checking/Adjusting of Activities for Work Request

Navigate to the Activities page through the PROJECTS heading. Find the WR entry that needs to be checked. Click the down-arrow in the Action tab and select Adjust Activity.

The ADJUST ACTIVITY page opens. the Original entry is displayed on the left hand side of the page and the Adjustments on the right-hand side.

To adjust the rate for this update of the Work Request, click the down-arrow of the Rate field in the Adjustments column, and select the correct rate.

It is compulsory to complete the Reason field.

Activities - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Adjust any other information and click SAVE to continue.

The new rate for this user entry is now displayed in the list view of Activities as well as who did made the change and when.

The permissions displayed in the Project Page should be "Approve Time Sheet" and "Change Rate"


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