Use Rate from Proposal for WR

Automating the rate in a Work Request as per the proposal for the project will save time and ensure correct charge back for time on Projects in Fortix.

This article explains how to set the "Use rate from proposal for all users when creating new work request" in the Work Request Setup.

Access the Work Request Setup page through the Setup menu page.

Find "Use rate from proposal for all users when creating new work request" and click "Yes" to enable.

Click SAVE.

To use a rate in a proposal for a project, navigate to the Projects page and click the down-arrow in the Action tab. Select View as Proposal.

The address bar link is :/?projects

The EDIT DETAILS form for project proposal opens. Click Enable Edit to add Tasks and Resources to the Work Areas in the Project. The PRICE LIST component on the right-hand side displays the resources that are available for this project. More can be added by clicking the plus sign.

Click the arrow to display more options per Work Area. Click the plus sign to add a Task to a Work Area.

Complete the Project Task Name and other Task fields. Click the plus sign to add a Resource for the task.

Select a Resource from the drop-down list in the Resources field. If the resource is not available, add to the Price list component on the right-hand side of the page.

Click SAVE when all the fields has been completed.

To Create a New Work Request, navigate to the Create Work Request or Projects page. Current registered Projects will be listed in the PROJECTS Dataset. A Work Request must be linked to a Project. Click on Create Request on the right-hand side of the project row in the drop-down Action tab.

Alternatively, a Work Request can be created directly from the Project Task Name, by clicking the Create New Request icon in the display Project as a Proposal page.

The Create Work Request page opens with the CREATE WORK REQUEST form. Other components on the page include PROJECT DETAILS, EXISTING WORK AREAS, ASSIGNED USERS.

Click SAVE.

The resource user to whom the Request sent will have the Project Task Rate automatically populated in the collaboration form when updating the work done.


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