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Payroll Configuration for Xero and Fortix

Xero is an accounting and bookkeeping software that makes cash flows visible in real-time with online accounting. Employees can be paid through Xero financial system.

The work recorded in Fortix by employees can be automatically be accounted for in Xero. By adding this integration, you can save hours on manual data entry, get more visibility into spend, and more.

This article explains how to set up the integration with Fortix and Xero for Payroll purposes.

Contact Fortix Support team for help with this feature.

Access the Xero Applications page in Fortix through the Setup Menu.

The quick address link is : /?system_setup&op=displayForm&section=XeroSetup

The XERO SETUP page opens.

Synchronize with Xero should be set to Yes.

Synchronize only attendance activities should be set to Yes.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Set the rest of the settings according to your business needs. For activity and time recording settings scroll down and set Activities and Resources. Click SAVE to continue.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Access your Xero application and click Payroll in the main menu and select Edit Payroll Accounts.

The Payroll settings page opens. Click Pay Items - Earnings. Ensure that Ordinary Hours is on the list. Add new rates if needed.

Next, Click Calendars and set the time period for payment.

Payroll | Settings - Google Chrome

Next in Fortix, navigate to the Users list vew page and find the New User by using the Filter in the Name column. Click the down arrow in the Action Tab and select Edit User Details.

Scroll down and find the Rate section.

  1. Click the down-arrow in the Payroll Calendar field and select the correct payroll calendar.
  2. Enable Timesheets Synchronization should be Yes.
  3. Click the down-arrow in the Rate field which is the rate within Fortix.

This is data is populated by the Xero entries.

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Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

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Ordinary hours can be found in the resources list view.

Resources - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

In order to synchronize this new contact/user into Xero the new user needs to have an activity recorded. This user must be assigned to a project and have a Work Request assigned.

Access the CRON jobs Management page to ensure the synchronization triggers is set.

The STATUS of the cron jobs for Xero should be active and set according to your business needs.

To view the Xero queue transactions, navigate to Setup menu and find Xer Queue.

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