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Work Request Tag Component (Screen Layout)

A useful function of Fortix is the ability to add or remove components from pages.

This article explains how to add the Tag component to the Work Request page.

Access the Work Request Screen by Clicking on WORK REQUESTS in the Main Heading bar and select Requests. To Change the EDIT Work Request page layout Screen Click any underlined Work Request.

The address bar link is: /?requests&stored_as=Request

The Work Request page opens. Click the Matrix Menu option in the top right-hand corner and click the four-block icon to change the page screen layout. If these options are not available, please contact to review your permissions.

The Screen Layout - Work Request page opens with the SETUP form. The Configuration is Default.

Column #1 and #2 have the component that is currently displayed on the screen.

Click the red cross to remove a component.

Click the white plus in the black circle to add a new component.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Find the Tag component and Add the component by clicking the ON button. Click DONE when finished.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

The Tag component has been added to the Work Request page. Tags are sorted as per the categories specified on the Tag page. Tags are highlighted when in use.

The user can only see Tags that their role is permitted to see and use.


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