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How to create a Scheduled Billing/Invoice

When you set up a business, one of your first tasks is deciding how to collect money from your customers. The Billing Profile system in Fortix enables you to set up the way you charge each customer for your products and services and records their preferred way of settling their accounts.

This article explains how to create a Billing Profile for a Scheduled process for Invoicing in Fortix.

Navigate to the Billing Profile List View, Add a New Billing Profile or find the Billing Profile to be edited. Click the Down Arrow in the Action tab and select Edit Billing Profile.

The quick link in the address bar is: /?billing_profiles

The Billing Profiles page opens.

The Scheduled Billing Service is setup your Billing Entities applications SERVICES.

The quick link in the address bar is: /?applications

The Scheduled Billing Date is the date the invoice needs to be generated. The CRON job process checks daily for this date and generates the invoice.

Click the Progressive icon to setup progressive billing, invoicing the job/service in multiple stages.

The PROGRESSIVE BILLING form opens. Click the plus sign to add more stages for invoicing. Click SAVE when done.

Billing Profiles - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Complete the Automation settings. Ensure the Billing Setup is Yes - Enabled.

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system


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