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How to Create Corrective Action for Work Request

Fortix Corrective Action function helps to manage the non-conformance of products or service while working on a Job or Project.

This article explains how to register a non-conformance and corrective action in Fortix.

The address bar link is : /?requests&stored_as=Request

Go to the Work Requests page and select the Work Request where the non-conformance needs to be added as a corrective action.

The Work Request working page opens. Find the CORRECTIVE ACTIONS component. Click Add New to add a Corrective Action.

The Add Corrective Action page open. Complete the DETAILS. Click the down arrow and select the Corrective Action Class. Click the Edit icon to add a new Class.

The CORRECTIVE ACTION CLASSES form opens click the plus sign to add a new class. Click SAVE to continue.

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Complete the rest of the form fields according to the non-conformance incident.

Click SAVE to continue.

The new corrective action has been created for this Work Request.

To view a Corrective Actions Report, navigate to REPORTS and find Corrective Actions Report.

The Corrective Actions Report opens. Use the filter fields to narrow down the report contents. Click SHOW REPORT. Scroll down to view the graphs and list view of the non-conformance and corrective action report.


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