How to add SMS Received List View to Dashboard

In Fortix the dashboard provides at-a-glance views of different areas in Fortix relevant to a particular objective or business process for the user. The SMS Log component can show the received SMS messages.

This article explains how to set a default filter in the list view of the SMS Log component on the dashboard.

The SMS Log page, show all the SMS messages that were sent and received by Fortix. This list view can be set as a component on the User Dashboard.

The SMS Log component will list all the messages.

To add a filter that will only display "received messages" by default click the More Menu and select Setup.

All the columns that are available in this list view are displayed. Click on the eye icon to hide or make available the fields according to the specification. Click the down arrow in the Type field and select Received.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Slide to the right and click Save Filters. Click Close.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

The SMS Log list view on the Dashboard will by default display Received SMS messages.


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