SMS Received Automation Process

Process Builder in Fortix is a powerful automation function to help automate a process to send an email or trigger some action within Fortix automatically.

Process Builder consists of the Process that has process steps and each process step has actions.

This article explains how to create the process to add a tag to a customer or contact when an SMS message has been received.

Access the Communication Setup page through the Setup menu.

The address bar link is : /?system_setup&op=displayForm&section=CommunicationSetup

The COMMUNICATION SETUP page opens with the settings for SMS service. Find the Process Launched when SMS Is Received and click the down arrow to select the process that will be launched when receiving a reply to a message sent from the Fortix system. Alternatively, click the Edit icon to alter the process.

The Process Builder page opens with the EDIT PROCESS form enabled. Click on the PROCESS STEP to access the Actions for this process.

The EDIT STEP form is enabled. Click on the ACTION to edit.

The EDIT ACTION form is enabled. Click the down arrow in the Do Action filed and select the desired action. Depending on the action chosen the form activates other fields that has further option available. Adding a Tag has the option of removing Tags.

Complete the fields and click SAVE.

When receiving an SMS the contact person and the customer records both displays a Tag "SMS Received".

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