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How to Print Labels when Stock is Received

In Fortix it is possible to mark and track each stocked item in the warehouse. This enables your business to easily label each item, scan and record usage of each item quickly and accurately and keep track of correct and accurate stock levels.

To enable this functionality, the printing needs to be set up and tracking needs to be activated in the PO transaction setup.

This article explains how to set up the PO/Transaction set up to print labels when receiving stock.

Navigate to the PO / TRANSACTIONS SETUP page clicking the Setup gear icon and finding PO / TRANSACTIONS SETUP  under the STOCK heading.

The address bar link is /?system_setup&op=displayForm&section=StockTransactionsSetup

The PO / TRANSACTIONS SETUP  page opens.

Scroll down and find Enable "Print Label" column for Resources click Yes. Next find, Enable Items Tracking and click "Yes."

Click SAVE to commit the changes to the system.

Click Purchase Orders in the heading bar under PRODUCT MANAGER. The Purchase Orders page open with a list of  Purchase Orders. Click the PO to edit.

The address bar link is /?stock_transactions=&id_transaction_type=1#

The EDIT TRANSACTION form opens. Scroll down and find the list of Resources. Click the box in the Track Items column to enable the label printing and tracking of stock items. Click SAVE to continue.

Please note that it is not possible to start tracking partially received items. The tracking of items can only be activated if non of the items has been received.

To print the labels of received stock, within the row of the Purchase Order click the down arrow on the Action tab. Select Receive Stock.

The Transactions page opens with the RECEIVE STOCK form enabled. The Order Details is displayed which can be changed when editing. Complete the Received, Missing, Damaged, Wrong Delivery Docket and Heat Number information.

Click the Print Label tick box to print the labels for received stock. Click SAVE to continue.

To process the label print queue, if the printer setup is not set for immediate printing, access the Print Queue, click the Setup Menu gear and find Print. Click the Print Queue tab.


Find the print job that needs to be processed, click the down arrow in the Action tab and select Process Now.

The CSV can also be downloaded and the label information be checked for accuracy.


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