How to Correct Incorrect Received Stock

This article explains how to correct incorrectly received stock in Fortix by using the Revert function.

Click Purchase Orders in the heading bar under PRODUCT MANAGER. The Purchase Orders page open with a list of  Purchase Orders. Within the row of the Purchase Order where the stock has been received incorrectly, click the down arrow on the Action tab. Select View Transaction.

The address bar link is /?stock_transactions=&id_transaction_type=1#

The Transactions Details page opens. Scroll down and find the STOCK TRANSACTIONS list view. Click the down arrow in the Action tab and select Revert.

The revert transaction appears in the STOCK TRANSACTIONS list view. If the reversion has been in error, it can be reverted again.

Should the Revert action not be enabled in your system, click the More Menu and select Actions and Attributes.

Tick the box for Revert resource movement. Click SAVE.


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