Project Delivery Report

Project Delivery Report is a summary overview of the current status of the project. Project Delivery Report is a timely update on the progress of your projects. Fortix Project Delivery Report offers high-level information about a project, rather than every detail.

This article explains how to use the Project Delivery Report.

The quick shortcut is: /?project_delivery_report#

Click on Project Delivery Report icon under JOB REPORTS in the REPORTS heading to access the Project Delivery Report.

The Project Delivery Report opens showing filter options and a graph reflecting the percentage of projects per customer and Projects Overdue as well as Projects outstanding.

Scrolling down, the list view of the project delivery report is shown. The Project, Main Work Request as well as the Quote where the project originated from, can be accessed directly from this report, by clicking on the underlined ID.

If any of the filter options are adjusted, click SHOW REPORT to refresh the data displayed.

It is possible to set the project filters so that it will be automatically be displayed every time the user logs in. Click the Gear icon to access the setup form. The Gear is displayed by hovering over the area next to the report name.

Set the Date Type and Filter Status for this report to be the default options. Click SAVE to continue.

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