How to use Search in Fortix

Fortix enables the user to quickly and accurately find information throughout the system. The quick "S" search can be used anywhere in Fortix. Then there is the dashboard Search component and the filtered search within contacts.

This article explains the Search function in Fortix Systems to find a contact, work request, billing profile, invoice, knowledge base article quickly from anywhere in the Fortix System.

To set-up the Search components to display on the Dashboard or rearrange the order they appear, click the Dashboard Setup.

The address bar link is /?dashboard_setup

The two columns represent the components on your dashboard. You can move them around freely by dragging and dropping them with your left mouse button.

The Name inside of the coloured rectangle represents the name of the component. You can freely switch the order of the components in each column and also switch their position by dragging them to another column. To remove a component from your dashboard, click on the "X" next to the name of the component and then click "Save"  

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Use the Dashboard search function by clicking on the radio button to chose the work area within Fortix the search needs to be executed. Type a word, part of a word or phrase to search for and click the search icon.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

The search results will display all the Work Request that contact the search: Tags, subject heading, collaboration description etc.

Work Requests can be filtered by clicking the down arrow and selecting the correct Project.

Click the [more] prompt for the work request details.

This will access the work request.

You are able to access the search function by pressing "S" any time in Fortix Systems. This opens up a search facility to quickly find any contact or a list of contacts you want. Click the down arrow next to Advance to refine your search criteria.

Search any area within Fortix, by clicking the heading tab and typing the search criteria. Click the search icon to continue.

Billing Profiles - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

The search results displays a list view of the records with in Fortix for the search.

Contacts can also be searched by clicking the arrow in the Contacts page to access filter and search option.

Another example is when type the name and surname of a contact in any of the search options.

Fortix Base - Google Chrome

The search results displays the contact record and the organization the contact is connected to.


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