How to Add a New User (Employee)

This article explains how to add a New User in Fortix. This could be an employee or contractor. Any person you want to register to have access to Fortix.

The quick address is: /?system_setup&op=displayForm&section=SystemDefaultOptions

Click the Setup Menu Icon and find and Click Default Options. 

Click on the Internal Customer.

The Contacts form open with a list of CONTACT PERSONS on the right side of the page. Click the plus sign to Add a New Person.

Complete the Contact Persons form with the relevant data.

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Click SAVE to commit the record to the system

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Click the Setup Menu Icon and find and Click Users. 

Find the New User by using the Filter in the Name column.

Click the down arrow in the Action Tab and select Edit User Details.

Click Force Password Change by User (next login) for security.

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A New password can be chosen or generated by clicking the padlock icon.

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Click GENERATE for a system-generated password. Click the copy Icon to copy this password to the clipboard. Then click the USE PASSWORD tab.

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Set required Notifications and Authentication Roles and click SAVE to commit changes to the system.

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The New User can now be seen in the list of USERS. To set the New User Dashboard and Menustructure, select the user by ticking the box and click the More menu. Now select Reset Selected Users.

The RESET SELECTED USERS form opens. Choose which user's pattern to use. Tick the boxes of the components to use. Click RESET SELECTED USERS to commit changes to the system.

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For quality control, login as the user by clicking the down arrow in the Action tab and selecting the Login as User option.

Makes sure the new users' Email has been set-up by following the instruction How to et-up Send from Emails.

If your company uses Xero as a financial package, ensure that the correct fields like Rate have been populated in the Users Detail.

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