Managing Opportunity Type List

This article explains how to Add, Edit or Delete Opportunity Types in Fortix Base. Having Opportunity Types is useful to bring structure to your opportunities. This will enable the business to manage the opportunity pipeline and focus resources on growth.

Click on BUS DEV Tab then Click Manage Options. The OPPORTUNITY OPTIONS Quick Menu opens. Click Opportunity Types.

This will open the Picklists - Opportunity Types page.

The address bar link is: /?codelists&cl=opportunity_types

Add New

Locate the Add New option on the right-hand side of the page. Click Add New.

The ADD NEW OPPORTUNITY TYPE form will open.

  1. Enter a Unique Opportunity Type. This should relate to your business products or service.
  2. Decide the position in the drop-down list this type would show in.
  3. Decide if this is a default Opportunity Type.
  4. Choose the Profile. This is your Company profile or sub-profile.

Click SAVE.


To Edit the Opportunity Type Click on the Name you want to Edit.

Make the changes. Click SAVE.


Locate the Delete option on the right-hand side of the row that needs o be deleted.

When the confirmation messages appear, Click OK if you are sure you want to delete the Opportunity Type. Else Click Cancel.


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