Managing Opportunity Status options

This article explains how to Add, Edit or Delete Opportunity Status in Fortix Systems. Having Opportunity Status is useful to keep track of your opportunities. This will enable the business to manage the opportunity pipeline and focus resources on where the next step will lead to a sale.

Click on BUS DEV tab then Manage Options in the heading bar. The OPPORTUNITY OPTIONS Quick Menu will open. Click Opportunity Status.

Tha address bar link is /?codelists&cl=wf_opportunity_statuses

The page Picklists - Opportunity Statuses will open. Locate the Add New menu option on the right side in the OPPORTUNITY STATUSES heading bar.


  1. Add a unique name for the new Opportunity Status. This should indicate how this opportunity is progressing towards being a sale or "closed".
  2. Decide the position "order" in the drop-down list this type would show in.
  3. Decide if this is a default Opportunity status.
  4. If this is the last status in the opportunity life cycle then the Closing Status should be - "Yes"
  5. The Process In and Process Out assist with the "Next step" in the opportunity life cycle and could be automated.

Click SAVE.

To Edit an Opportunity Status, click on the underlined name.

Make the changes and Click SAVE.

To Delete an opportunity Status, locate the Delete button on the right side of the row.


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