How to Filter Opportunity View

If working with large data sets, with many rows of opportunities, it can be a challenge to find the relevant information. Fortix makes it easy to narrow down the search with a simple yet powerful Opportunity Filter tool. The article explains how to filter data on the opportunity page in different ways.

Open the Opportunities Page.

Note that the Heading bar title is OPPORTUNITIES

Click the down arrow next to the Opportunities Heading. This will open the available filters for Opportunities.

Four basic areas to filter are:

  1. Key word Search
  2. Opportunity Type. See Managing Opportunity Type List.
  3. Date
  4. Opportunity relevance

Opportunity Type Filter changes the Heading bar to the type. Click APPLY.

Note that the Heading Bar changed to SERVICE and only opportunities with Service as Type is listed.

  1. Click APPLY for Once off filter that will revert back to default setting when the page is refreshed.
  2. Click CLEAR to Reset all filters settings.
  3. REMEMBER is the logged-in User favourite setting which will always apply when they navigate to Opportunity page
  4. REMEMBER AS DEFAULT is set as the System default for all users.


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