Platform Overview

The Fortix system is a highly configurable and web-based business platform, delivering automation from end-to-end for any type of organisation.  We have worked with businesses of varying sizes, providing instantaneous reporting via custom dashboards for managers and owners, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding strategic directions and growth.

Our focus is on making the experience for internal users a positive one, as these individuals will be utilising the system on a daily and regular basis.  Users are assigned a combination of permissions and roles to view and/or edit different parts of the system, for example, a Business Development Manager may see different aspects of the system in comparison to the Warehouse Manager.  In fact, the user interface for these two roles may be set differently to take into account their most frequently used forms and actions into consideration!

The terminology may be different in the system configuration that your business is on.


This is the place to go for a customised overview of what’s happening.  Mini Dashboard Components are frequently released to help users get a glimpse of daily operations.


This module provides a dynamic and extensive CRM system for any business.  With customisable additional fields, users have the option of bulk importing contacts or alternatively, allowing each contact to update their own data via an external portal.

Business Development

Sales pipelines can be tough to keep track of, so our team has developed a Bus Dev module which helps sales personnel generate leads, create quotes and proposals, convert opportunities into customers and of course, into work.


Designed for automation, this module can hold email and SMS templates, for individual or mass distribution using consistent branding, and tracking into each contact in the CRM. The system is also set up for SMS alerts, email and calendar notifications for all types of users (internal or external).


Using a framework termed Work Requests, this job distribution module enables any user to track and follow any jobs that have been logged in the system.  This module also acts as a timesheeting function, which can be further categorised into the type of work and the work area in the project setup.


This module provides the entity or contract details that have been approved through the Business Development functions and sets up the work based on the categorisation indicated by the client. Reports of users activities will also be divided into the projects or contracts that they have worked on within the selected time period.


Our stock module provides the necessary framework to build, manufacture or purchase resources into components or products, with flexible pricing for use in the Business Development module.  With details that are also transferred automatically into quotes and invoices, this module is a dream for e-shop and online businesses!


Set with billing profiles for contacts, invoice creation and payment updates, this Finance module provides administrative assistance to the accounts team. The platform can be also be set to synchronise with Xero accounts, allowing invoices that have been created in the system to be updated without manual intervention. 

Knowledge Base

An information repository that can be shared by all users and also to external users when required.  The articles contained in this section also provides the basis of courses and publications, showcased in student portals when logging into the platform. 


The foundation of the system lies in the information contained in this module; i.e. details of users and the organisation setup. This module also contains a revisable policy distribution system which handles tracking of governance for users when and as required. 


There are over forty (40) standard and customised reports available for our users.


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