The Power of the Fortix Platform

The Fortix system is a highly configurable and web-based business platform, delivering sales, work and billing automation for any type of organisation.  

Shape the experience    

Fully-Functional Cloud 

Customize everything

Positive User Experience

Accessible Data
Role-Based User Experience tailored setup with permissions and user job function enables efficiency and ease of use.

All of Fortix data is extractable and can be visually represented on dashboards.
Fortix platform architecture is designed to allow the addition of new capabilities and functionality. Easily accommodate changes & connect existing systems.

Improve Sales Outcomes

For a customised overview of what’s happening, dashboards are crucial to effective decision making.

  • Information that enables you to think and understand quickly
  • Overview of what’s happening
  • Spot trends
  • Increase efficiency
Know your Customer

Fortix CRM Store critical customer data in one place providing real-time access to the critical information required to deliver personalized experiences.  

  • Contact data organization

  • Cross-team alignment

  • Add new contacts and companies to your database in seconds

  • Multi-company, multi-branch

  • Keep contact, company, and deal records up to date

  • Log sales activities automatically

  • Send optimized sales emails in less time

  • Build relationships

Streamline lead-to-sales process

With Fortix end-to-end Opportunity management features, you will have complete control over your sales pipeline and start closing more deals in less time.

  • Customize your pipeline to match your sales process
  • Track progress and diagnose the health of your pipeline
  • Use system triggers to send alerts
  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Follow up consistently
  • Visual sales pipeline
Take quick action on your calls    


Fortix communications help your team save precious time.

  • Set up personalized email sequences
  • Log all customer interactions automatically
  • Customer service automation
  • Create follow-up reminders
  • Send personalised messages in just one click.
  • Mass Mailings and SMS
  • Service and Support Automation
  • Send, receive and track emails
  • Customer Self-Service Portal
  • Follow up consistently
It’s time to expect more


Using Fortix workflow framework enables any user to track and follow any jobs that need to be done.  

  • Effective job allocation to the team members
  • Reduced time spent on administrative duties
  • Job recording and account accuracy
  • 24hour on-site/offsite remote access
  • Streamlined job costing and project management
  • Easy and effective timesheet management
  • Fast recording and retrieving of information and files
  • Time tracking and job profit monitoring
Get the best from your team


Fortix Projects provides the contract details that have been approved and automatically sets up the work based on the requirements of the client.  

  • Automate your workflow

  • Projects and tasks templates

  • Create from a sales opportunity or quote

  • Import from other systems

  • Complete control on every project

  • Automate routine work

Improved profitability


Set with automated billing profiles for contacts, invoice creation and payment updates, Fortix finance module provides administrative assistance to the accounts team  

  • Automated billing

  • Credit cards and Direct Debit payments

  • Reoccurring, scheduled and ad-hoc billing

  • Xero integration

  • Anytime invoice creation

  • Effortless invoice distribution and follow up

  • Improved speed and accuracy of quotes

  • Debtors and collections

Get the best from your team       


Users are assigned a combination of permissions and roles to view and/or edit different parts of the system, for example, a Business Development Manager may see different aspects of the system in comparison to the Warehouse Manager.

  • Group calendar

  • A team approach to sales and service

  • Unlock your team’s productivity

  • Prevent miss-communication

  • Role and permission-based access

  • Visualised and efficient tasks management

  • Automated notifications

Move forward with confidence 


Track progress, timelines and budgets, and make key decisions based on real-time data rather than guesses.

  • Over forty (40) standard and customised reports

  • Gain data-driven insights

  • Audit logs and actions

  • Embedded operational monitoring

  • Spot Trends

  • Track progress and diagnose the health of the business

Creating an effective supply chain

Our stock module provides the necessary framework to build, manufacture or purchase resources into components or products, with flexible pricing for use in the Business Development module.  With details that are also transferred automatically into quotes and invoices, this module is a dream for manufacturing and distribution businesses!

  • Reduce supply costs

  • Create an intelligent, efficient supply chain

  • Supply chain transparency

  • Delivery Management

  • Stock control

  • Deliveries tracking

Empower your users

An information repository that can be shared by all users and also to external users when required.  The articles contained in this section also provides the basis of courses and publications, showcased in student portals when logging into the platform.

  • Create, organise, control and share  knowledge

  • Real insights - real answers - in real-time

  • Deliver consistent, accurate and relevant knowledge

  • Empower your people with access to knowledge

  • Set up step by step work procedures

  • Company policies

  • Quality Assurance System


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