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How to Create a Work Request Template

Creating a Work Request Template in Fortix, increase productivity by automatically filling in the Work Request fields with the already created template data, when a new Work Request is created.

Work Requests is a job distribution module that enables assigned users to track and follow jobs that have been logged against a Project or Sales Order.  This module also acts as a timesheeting function, which can be further categorised into the type of work and the work area in the project setup.

This article explains how to create a Work Request Template.

Navigate to the Work Requests page by Clicking on WORK REQUESTS and Request Templates. Click Add New.

The address bar link is :/?requests&stored_as=Template

In the CREATE WORK REQUEST process, a list of current projects is displayed. Select the Project where the Work Request Template will be used. Click the down arrow in the Action tab and select Create Request Template.

The Create Work Request page opens and the CREATE WORK REQUEST form is activated. The New Work Request Template can be based on existing Template or a New Template Name can be entered. To base the New Work Request Template on an existing Template, select Template by clicking on the drop-down arrow.

To Create a New Work Request Template, select the Work Area, by clicking the drop-down arrow in the Work Area field.

Enter a number in Subject ID and Subject description.

The From user defaults to the user logged in. Choose other users by clicking on Favourites.

When using collaboration in Work Request Template with the Single WR ticked, the green user indicates the user to who the WR is assigned and the blue user indicates the user who is copied on the WR.

When using collaboration in Work Request Template with the Multiple WR ticked, the green users indicates all the users to who the WR is assigned.

  1. Select the appropriate Job Type.
  2. Click Down Arrow next to Workflow to automate status updates in Work Requests.
  3. Choose the default Priority for Work Request Template.
  4. Select the Status for the Work Request Template
  5. Set Estimate Time and Due date for Work Request Template.
  6. Choose Yes or No for Private Request.
  7. Tags can be automatically assigned when using this Work Request Template.
  8. A File can be attached to the Work Request Template for easy reference.
  9. It is possible to assign Teams to a Work Request Template.
Work Requests - Fortix Base - Google Chrome

Click SAVE.

The new Work Request Template has been created.

When creating a Work Request, select the template in the drop down list of the Template field.

Work Requests - Fortix Base - Google Chrome


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