How to Create a Work Request

Work Requests is a job distribution module that enables assigned users to track and follow jobs that have been logged against a Project or Sales Order.  This module also acts as a timesheeting function, which can be further categorised into the type of work and the work area in the project setup.

This article explains how to create a Work Request.

To Create a New Work Request, navigate to the Create Work Request or Projects page. Current registered Projects will be listed in the PROJECTS Dataset. A Work Request must be linked to a Project. Click on Create Request on the right-hand side of the project row in the drop-down Action tab.

The address bar link is :/?projects

The Create Work Request page opens with the CREATE WORK REQUEST form. Other components on the page include PROJECT DETAILS, EXISTING WORK AREAS, ASSIGNED USERS.

Select the Template for the New Work Request by clicking on the down arrow in the Template field.

The Work Request Template will populate the fields as per the Template.

Complete the Work Request by selecting the value for the rest of the fields adding Users.

Click SAVE.

The new Work Request will be displayed in the Work Request list view.


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