How to Add a Project Team

A big productivity gain in Fortix is the ability to add a Team of people to a project. This article explains how to setup Fortix to enable you to add a Team of People.

Navigate to the Teams page. Click Add New.

The shortcut address bar link is: /?teams  

The Teams page opens. In the ADD NEW TEAM form, add the Name of the Team and the Team Leader. Click Favorites, All or Setup to add Team Leader and Team Members.

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Select the Users from the CHOOSE USERS options. The Favorites can be set up with Manage icon. Click CLOSE.

Changes to the team can be made by removing members or adding more.

Click SAVE.

Alternatively, Teams can be selected by clicking the down arrow next to Action in the row of the user.

If the Manage Team option is not available, follow the How to enable hidden Action items.

Find Manage Teams and select by clicking the menu item.

The MANAGE USER TEAMS form opens. Tick the box next to the  and Click SAVE.

Note the TEAM LOGS Component on the right side of the page, reflects the Teams this user belongs to.

Looking at the EDIT TEAM form, the user has been added to the specific Team.

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Ensure Project Set-up adds Teams. On the Setup page Click Project.

Find the Teams To Preload When Creating New Project field. Click the Drop-down arrow and tick the box for the preferred team.

Click SAVE.

Navigate to Projects page and Click Add New.

The Team has been automatically Pre-loaded for the New Project. Members can add or delete. Permissions for the project can be set to apply to all users or individual users.

Looking at the EDIT TEAM form, clicking the down Arrow Delete team or send SMS to the whole team.


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