Login Form Setup

The first page that comes up whenever you are logging into your Fortix system is the first impression of your business. The type of business define the nature of the website login hence it should carry pertinence with the website it is leading to.

This article explains how to set up the login form page in Fortix.

To access the Login Setup form, Click on the settings menu option in the right-hand corner. Under System section Click Login Setup.

The LOGIN SETUP page opens.

Decide if you are using the System Login Lock. This is a security measure to hinder unauthorized access and will lock the system after too many password attempts.

Click the Yes radio button if it has to be activated.

Insert a System Login Lock Message that will display when the system is locked.

The Access Denied Page will be displayed whenever a user tries to access a page they do not have permission for.

The Background Link will direct the user to the link entered into the field when the click any where outside the login form. Click SAVE.


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