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How to View Days Overdue on Statement Report

In Fortix the Statements Report lists unpaid customer invoices showing which invoices are overdue and how many days in brackets. Invoices are in 30-day groups, such as 30 days old, 31-60 days old and 61-90 days old and 90+ days.

The shortcut URL is /?weekly_statements in the address bar.

Click the Statements Icon under the FINANCIAL REPORTS section.

The Statements page opens displaying the outstanding Invoices as per the filtering criteria.


  1. Choose to view outstanding invoices from the Date when the Invoice was Created or from the date it was Due.
  2. Click the radio button for the specific amount of days outstanding, or All
  3. Certain Invoices can be excluded even if they satisfy the criteria, clicking the tag to exclude.

Click SHOW REPORT to refresh the report and display only records according to the filter.

  1. The TOTAL VALUES for the displayed Invoices are shown in the top left corner, as well as the last row.
  2. The underlined INVOICE No. is displayed with the days overdue in brackets. The Underlined Invoice can be clicked to View the PDF of the Invoice.
  3. The Invoice can be edited by clicking on the Pencil.
  4. Multiple outstanding Invoices with the days overdue in brackets are displayed in the same row.

To resend the Invoice, click the down arrow next to Action. Click Send statement to customer.

Click View PDF Invoice to view.


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