Aging Summary Report

The Aging Summary Report allows you to view the balances that are owed to your company by customers. The aging report is the primary tool used by collections personnel to determine which invoices are overdue for payment.  The report is typically set up with 30-day time buckets, so that each successive column in the report lists supplier invoices that are: current, 1 to 30 days old, 31 to 60 days old, 61 to 90 days old and more than 90 days.

The quick shortcut is: ?aging_summary for entry into address bar.

Click on Aging Summary icon under FINANCIAL REPORTS to access the Aging Summary page.

The Aging Summary page opens and display columns CURRENT, 1-30; 31-60; 61-90; >90; TOTAL

Certain Invoice can be excluded by ticking the box of the tags that should be excluded.

The amount shown is the total of all the invoices in that bracket that is outstanding. To view those invoices, click the question mark, which will reveal the underlined invoices, with the amount in a bracket of each invoice that makes up that Total.

The PDF of the Invoice can be viewed by clicking the Invoice number. The Invoice can be edited by clicking the pencil.


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