How to Create Divisions in Fortix

A corporate division, also known as a business division, is a discrete part of a company that operates under the same name and legal responsibility or as a separate corporate and legal entity under another business name. Corporations often separate divisions along product or service lines. This article explains how to setup Divisions in Fortix.

Click on the Divisions Icon to access the Divisions page listing the current Divisions.

Click Add New on the Right side in the DIVISIONS Heading bar to Add a New Division.


The address bar link is: /?divisions

The Divisions page opens with the ADD NEW DIVISION form.

  1. Enter a positive Unique Number into the No. field.
  2. Enter the New Division Name.
  3. Select the Division Category from the Picklist by clicking the down arrow next to the Division Category field. Consult the Create Division Categories Picklist manual on how to add Division Categories.
  4. Enter a short  Statistic name (KPI) to keep track of KPI's
  5. Add a Statistic Description for the KPI
  6. Click the Paintbrush to select a colour for easy identification of this Division.

Tick the boxes for the specific Roles for the Division associated with this Division. Create Roles Manual available.

Tick the boxes of the Teams that have been setup for this division. Click on How to Add a Team.

Any current Division can be Deleted by clicking the down arrow next to the Action Tab in the row of the Division that needs to be deleted.


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