Create Division Categories Picklist

Division Categories is a way to organise and group your business enabling better management. This article explains how to add Division Category Picklist in Fortix.

Click on the Division Categories  Icon in the PEOPLE Section of the Picklists page.

The Picklists - Division Categories page opens with a current list of Division Categories. To add another Category, Click Add New in the header bar.

The addressbar link is: /?codelists&cl=division_categories

The Picklists - Division Categories page opens with the ADD NEW DIVISION CATEGORY form enabled. Enter the New Category name and the Order in which they appear. Choose if this is a Default Category for each New Division that is added. Click SAVE.

To Delete a Category, Click Delete at the end of the row of the Category that has to be deleted.



With the pictures it's very easy to understand everything. The only step that confused me slightly was the first on, when I didn't see the same on my screen like on yours.
"Click on the Division Categories Icon in the PEOPLE Section of the Picklists page.." In this step you can maybe just add "scroll down" and Click on the Division Categories blah blah...

This is just a very minor thing though

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