How to Create Roles

Within the workplace, it is possible for a blurring of roles and responsibility. Defining Roles helps everyone understands what other team members expect of them. Defining each employee’s role, responsibilities and success metrics (KPI) creates more success on the team and within the overall company. This article explains how to create Roles in Fortix.

Click on the Roles Icon under the PEOPLE Heading.

The Roles page opens with a List of ROLES currently in the system. To Add a New Role Click the Add New option in the header bar.

The Address bar link is /?roles e.g.

The Roles page opens with the ADD NEW ROLE form activated. Add the New Role Unique Name and a Description what this Role is about.

Click the Boxes of current people who are fulfilling this Role under the Assigned Users. Click SAVE.

In the same row as the Role, Click the down Arrow next to Action. The Role can be Deleted by clicking the Delete option.


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